Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr Skarsgard

Holy mother of Sookie Stackhouse. How amazing was True Blood? Every week, I say the same thing... there are no words. There are words for this episode. Here are three: Evan Rachel Wood - next week. Cannot wait. Hopefully she can take care of Mary-Ann, cause I am kinda over her and her orgy, heart eating, black-eyed bullshit. I want more Eric dammit. And none of this dream sequence garbage. Sookie needs to dump bland Bill and get her freak on with Eric. Pronto!

I must confess that Jason and Andy were Dumb & Dumber wrapped up in total amazingness. As was my Lafayette - "worst mother-f*cking intervention in history". Love it. Love love love it. Only 2 more episodes left this season. This week, then a week break because of Labour Day. And then that is it. No more Sookie and Eric dream f*cking. No more hawt dumb Jason. No more earnest boring Bill. No more horny Jessica with her never breaking hymen. None of it. Gone. Until next June. F*ck, f*ck, f*ck that.

Here is the trailer for next weeks episode. If you pause at the 24th second - there she is! Queen of the Louisiana Vampires. Yay!

Special shout out today to my boo Alexander Skarsgard. Happy 33rd Birthday honey-child. Call me. If you need help, ummmm..... cleaning up in that tub, let me know. Sigh.


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