Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gossip Girl goes to Brooklyn

Filming for Season 3 of Gossip Girl appears to be going along swimmingly. Serena van der Woodson (Blake Lively), Chuck Bass (my shamef*ck Ed Westwick) and Little Jenny Humphrey (Taylor Momsen) have all been spotted around the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens filming over the past few days.

Nothing to spectacular there right? Well, if you look at their outfits, is it possible there is something kinda special going on? Something more than the normal GG shenanigans. Even Serena doesn't dress up this much for a day of classes at College.. Wedding? And if so, who? Hmmmm. But in true Blake Lively fashion, the dress is about 2 sizes to small for her. She is likely to have quite the wardrobe malfunction if she bends over too far. Damn though, she has killer legs. Little J still needs to eat about 20 cheeseburgers. Or she could just go to Daisy May's BBQ USA on 11th (at 46th) and have the best BBQ in NYC. So amazing. I am heading back to New York in October (more on that later when I have calmed down) and I will definitely be going to this place again..... it is so fantastic and phenomenal and my mouth is watering just thinking about it! Delicious!

And can someone please explain to me exactly what it is about Ed Westwick that makes me quiver? I don't know what it is, but he does. At least he looks decent in these shots. Very Chuck Bass. Which is a massive improvement over the travesty he wore to the Teen Choice Awards last month. And better than the V-neck sweaters he is also fond of.

The season 3 premier of Gossip Girl is on Monday September 14th. Check out the relatively lame trailer entitled "WTF". WTF is right. Yawn. Color me bored. I am confident that GG will not disappoint me this season. I have already broken up with one show for the upcoming season (sorry Heroes, no amount of Teabagging or shirtless Milo is gonna bring me back), I really do not want to have another difficult conversation with another show.


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