Monday, August 3, 2009

Lilo is back at work! Momma Lohan can now buy a new pair of shoes!

The woman who claims to work harder than any one she knows actually landed herself a job. Lilo has landed a role in Robert Rodriguez "Grindhouse" spin-off - "Machette" which is rumoured to star Robert De Niro, Michelle Rodriguez, Jonah Hill, Danny Trejo & Steven Seagal. Rodriguez apparently pursued Lindsay for the role & is based on the amazing trailer below, which appeared during Grindhouse. If it is anything like Grindhouse, it is gonna be a whole lotta awesome.

At last Lilo is making a smart career move. Actually, at last she is making a career move of any kind. For the hardest working woman she knows, she hasn't really done anything beyond shopping, posing for the photogs, and breaking down in front of the paps for the last few months. She even turned down the role in The Hangover that went to Heather Graham (which has grossed over $200 million). Filming starts in Texas in a few weeks and Lilo has gone back to blonde for the role. I am not a fan of her with blonde hair. It sort of screams crack-head to me.

Oh Lindsay, at least you are insurable at the moment! hat is a good thing. Don't f*ck this one up petal. I have said repeatedly that Lilo has talent, that she has the potential to be a good working actress, even award winning (not teen choice award winning, but actual award winning) if she gets her sh*t together.

I have a theory that she is kinda like Robert Downey Junior. Remember back in the 90's when RDJ was totally f*cked up, so screwed up on drugs that he could barely land a role? And he cleaned himself up. Look at him now.... he is at the top of his game, starring in Blockbusters like Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. He is a well respected, talented actor... who went through a really really dark period before he climbed his was back to the top. I want this to happen for Lilo. I do. I don't really know why. Cause normally I am a fan of the mocking of celebrities when they are in the gutter.

RDJ went from this in 99, to this only 10 years later. Lindsay, I have faith you can do it as well!

But Lilo; for some reason I want her to do well. Maybe it is because I blame her narcissistic, poor excuses for parents for many of her issues. If they had spent even an iota of time actually parenting as opposed to pimping out their meal ticket, maybe she wouldn't be where she is now. Below is a snap of them living large off of their kids in the Hamptons over the weekend. Ugh. People should have to have a licence to be allowed to have children. I would fail. But I am aware that I would be a crappy parent. Which is more than can be said for these two douche's.


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