Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Chack Bass is going Gay?

Instead of giving an actual storyline to their openly gay character - Eric van der Woodsen - the Powers at the CW have decided instead to make Chuck Bass (my shamef*ck Ed Westwick) gay for Blair.

Apparently in an upcoming episode of the CW's guiltiest of pleasures, Chuck Bass will make out with a boy - he seduces the boy in question (Neal Bledsoe pictured below on the right) in an effort to ensure that Blair is granted the honor of delivering the freshman speech at NYU or something lame like that. To be honest, I really don't care why Charles is kissing a boy (and liking it?), I just hope it is at least halfway hawt.

It probably won't be. It will be chaste and there will be no tongue or passion. A girl can dream right?
Here are a few shots of some of the cast in yet more formal attire..... Question: how does "wrong side of the bridge Vanessa" afford a different ball gown every week? Hmph.

PS: I have to say that I love that they cast Gina Torres (from Angel and Firefly) and Vanessa's mom. Maybe she will make Vanessa a little less vanilla? Here's hoping! Only a few more weeks until GG is back baby!

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