Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beyonce debut's New Wavy Bangs.....

And women everywhere cry NOOOOOOOO.......with a side of Why?

I have always been fairly indifferent to the styling's of Ms. Beyonce. I have placed some of her looks in the win column, some in the lose column, but honestly most have been in the "meh" column. And normally I would never care enough one way or another to comment on it.

However, this look which was debuted on Saturday when Beyonce was dining with hubby Jay-z at Bar Pitti in NYC on Saturday was most definitely worthy of a little discussion. And I will pretty much start and end this discussion with a WTF? As she was out for dinner with her hubby, one can assume that she most definitely meant to leave the house looking like this.

And it is highly unlikely that her flat iron was busted... cause she is Beyonce and she probably has many flat iron. She may have all the flat irons. Please say that this isn't the new look for fall. Cause although I am rocking my own bangs, I just can't conceive of curling them..... sigh, with a heaping help of ugh to this look.


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