Monday, August 17, 2009

Date My Avatar #1 on I-Tunes!

Okay, my geek level is about to go way up. There is this web series I discovered a little while ago called The Guild. Starring Buffy alum Felicia Day, this award winning show is about the lives of a group of on line gamers. It follows the life of Codex (Day), Healer of the Knights of the Good, who vainly tries to lead a normal life after one of her guildmates shows up on her doorstep. I know I know. I don't get why I love this show either. I have never played D&G or any other equivalent. I don't know my MMO from my elbow

Felicia was in Season 7 of Buffy as one of the "potentials", and then starred in Joss Whedon's fantastic Dr Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog - alongside Neil Patrick Harris (who still needs to be my gay best friend) and Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Castle). Joss has stated that Dr Horrible was partly inspired by The Guild.

But the show is awesome. Funny and smart and fantastic. I have watched 2 seasons through their You-Tube Channel, and this show is another reason that I am very sad I did not make it down to Comic-con as the cast was in attendance. At Comic Con they announced Wil Wheaton was joining the cast in Season three as the leader of a new rival Guild - Axis of Anarchy. Yay to that.

I am such a dork......

There is a point to this. Trust me. During the panel at Comic Con the cast also debuted the video below for the song, "Do You Want to Date My Avatar", which was released today on I-Tunes. After a mass rallying cry on social media networks like Twitter, this video was Number 1 earlier today. The power of geeks should never be underestimated!

I am not super clear on what an avatar is or does. I am pretty confident that I do not have an avatar though. I am guessing it is your online character? Hmmm. The song is very catchy and the cast are all in their World of Warfare avatar costumes. Felicia write the lyrics and the music and video were directed by Jed Whedon (brother of Joss). This could become the summer jam of gamers everywhere!!

Season 3 of the Guild Premieres on August 25th on the interweb. Felicia currently has over one million followers on Twitter. And you probably have no idea who she is right? She is a world of awesome and you should follow follow follow Ms Felica Day.


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