Monday, August 3, 2009

Fashion Hell the F*ck No's #2

Ohh Stefania Germanotta - also known as Lady Gaga. The hair I can deal with - it's wacky and weird, but not completely unfortunate. For me it is pretty much the flesh coloured unit-tard. WTF? Unless you are faking a nude scene of some sort - that is something that should never leave the privacy of your own home. Not fashion forward. Not cutting edge. Just gross and something I do not wish to be subjected to ever again. Thanks for coming out, but please go away.

And now onto Ms Jennifer Love Hewitt. The outfit itself is great. She looks fantastic and should flaunt her bikini bod all she can. But on a tennis court? In wedge heels? With those DD's (as an owner of my own set of DD's I feel it is okay for me to comment on the fact that no woman with real boobs of that size would contemplate doing anything remotely involving running)? Oh Love, have the paps not been paying you enough attention recently? Is this the best photo op you could come up with? Srsly? Ugh. Next time, go with an "accidental" losing of your bikini top in the water. That will get you way more press.


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