Saturday, August 15, 2009

Confessions of a Music Lovers I-Pod

One last thing.....Cause this is easy (unless I have to justify a shameful musical selection of course). The game goes like this. Turn on your I-Pod or MP3 player. Write down the first 15 songs that show up when you shuffle all. Only skip if an artist is repeated. Don't cheat.

1. Fleet Foxes - So Long to The Headstrong
2. Nirvana - Polly (Unplugged MTV Version)
3. The Get Up Kids - I'll Catch You
4. Alkaline Trio - Radio
5. No Doubt - Simple Kind of Life
6. Bell X1 - Bigger Than Me
7. The Runaways - Blackmail
8. The Velvet Underground - Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
9. M. Ward - Jailbird
10. Pete Yorn - Last Summer
11. Cast of Les Miserables - At the End of The Day
12. Kings of Leon - Taper Jean Girl
13. Big & Rich - Nobody Told Me (Instant Karma - Save Darfur CD)
14. Crowded House - Sister Madly
15. Regina Spektor Your Honour

I am comfortable with this. Kings of Leon finally make it! 3 more hours....... sigh.

Peace XO

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