Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dazed & Confused - Kristen Stewart

As the media machine surrounding The Twilight Saga's New Moon ramps up, rest assured that we will be seeing the movies young stars on the covers of every magazine their respective teams can book them on. Kristen is gracing the cover of the September issue of British style mag "Dazed & Confused". I know, I know. Insert joke about her stoner reputation here. Everyone else already has. Ugh. When will people let this go. She is 19 years old. Are people honestly surprised that she may or may not smoke weed? And who cares?

This interview seems to focus on everything except Twilight to which I say yay! Kristen has a slew of other movies in the works - such as the Jake Scott directed Welcome to the Riley's and her oft documented role as Joan Jett in the rock biopic The Runaways. While I am looking forward to New Moon (duh), I actually can't wait to see "Welcome to the Rileys". And The Yellow Handkerchief (with William Hurt, Maria Bello and Eddie Redmayne). That one needs distribution I believe. So it may sit on a shelf somewhere for a while.......
Welcome to the Rileys was filmed just before the release of Twilight and also stars James Gandolfini and Academy Award nominee Melissa Leo. In the film Kristen plays a teenage prostitute stripper. A far cry from the virginal Bella Swan right? Says Kristen of her character: "She’s just really broken and she needs to be put back together, and she needs this guy. James Gandolfini plays this plumber who is grieving the loss of his daughter and is dead inside as well, so she is sort of the catalyst of his awakening and subsequent reuniting with his wife, like she comes out of the house after 8 years. Like this vulgar really fully kid who has her own problems greater than theirs ends up helping to get them to a place where they can continue their lives. It was the greatest experience on a movie I have ever had." I have read the script for this movie and this looks like it is going to be a gritty, dark and awesome. I can't wait for Kristen to show us what she can do! As an actor, not as a prostitute stripper, cause eww.

As always it is a candid Kristen who talks about the pitfalls of fame and the challenges that she in particular seems to have with her own press. “Anything you say can come and bite you in the ass. It’s not even like you say things you don’t mean, it’s just that sometimes they come out wrong.”

When speaking of the paparazzi and the press in general she explains: "It’s so scary because your persona… and I guess I now have one, because people think of me in a certain way… is all based entirely on quick snippets of crazed moments in your life. And that is what people then base their entire opinion of me on!” Which for her is so very true. She doesn't smile a ton and is overwhelmed by the sudden attention of Twi-hards, so she is ungrateful and hates her fans. She is styled to be kind of petulant and moody in a photo shoot - so she is a pot head.

Kristen looks amazing in these shots right? These are total gorgeosity. Especially the black and white one where her arms are crossed over herself. Love it, love it, love it.
Stewart is already hard at work here in Vancity as production on The Twilight Saga: Eclipse continues. According to Lainey Gossip, there are at least 20 photogs in town whose sole purpose is to get pics of Rob and Kris together. So sad. Vancouver used to be pretty much a paparazzi free zone, where stars could wander the streets freely. Sadly, it is not to be this time around. Rob and Kristen are basically prisoners in their hotel rooms which is sad. Vancouver is a beautiful city and it would be nice if they were able to enjoy it a little. Case in point: even a task as mundane as a wig fitting attracted about 20 photogs today. And is that 4 bodyguards? Gah! I hope not.

I know I am a hypocrite. Decrying the evil Paps, but posting their photos. I realise the absurdity of this.

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