Sunday, August 9, 2009

RIP Sam the Koala

Do you remember this video from the devastating Bushfires in my home and Native Australia? "Sam" the Koala became a world wide Internet phenomenon and a symbol of hope to Australians suffering through the worst fires in the country's history. Volunteer firefighter David Tree encountered the animal gingerly making its way through the blackened bush north of Melbourne, and another member of the crew filmed him giving much needed water to the dehydrated and injured Koala.

Sam suffered second and third degree burns on her paws and had been recuperating at the Southern Ash Wildlife Centre. During surgery for an unrelated medical condition, Sam sadly was put to sleep when it was discovered that her condition was considerably more severe than initially thought. As with up to 50% of Australia's Koala population, Sam was suffering from urogenital chlamydiosis (yes, chlamydia).

RIP Sam, you dirty slutty Koala you.


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