Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why is this guy still single? He is such a catch

I saw this gem on the interwebs the other day. It's from a while ago, but I think it is getting it's second wind on the social media sites. Apparently Dimitri approached Olga on King Street (Toronto) and began hitting on her. In an effort to get rid of him, Olga gave him her business card. These are the actual voicemails that Dimitri left for her in the coming days. They are awesome. I am thinking of cancelling my trip to Boston and NYC and heading to T.O. just to find this amazing specimen of a man..... What a catch.

Olga did not call back....... the saga continues with this......

I love it. So all my single ladies out there.....don't fret. There are still amazing men like this out there. And maybe you could be lucky enough to meet him and be elegant enough to capture his attention.
The more I listen to this, the more I love it. This guy is awesome. Why is he still single? And why can't I meet a winner like this? Although I am on medication and wouldn't really consider myself psychologically normal. Hmph. And I am also super passive aggressive and don't return phone calls in a prompt manner sometimes. Damn it, another great guy slips through my fingers.

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