Monday, August 3, 2009

Epitaph = Joss Whedon is a f*cking genius

One of the things I was most disappointed about by not being at Comic-con a few weeks ago, was missing out on the screening of the mythical, unaired 13th episode of Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. I had to wait, like 95% of the fans until it came out on DVD last week (and then I fell really hard in HMV and have some super gnarly bruises on my leg and elbow, but that is a whole other story).

I finally had a chance to watch it on the weekend (along with the original pilot) and all I have to say is Holy F*ckballs. It was amazing and my mind is officially blown. First off, can I get a huge woot woot that Felicia Day was in it - and that she played such a bad-ass? Amazingness!

Set in a post-apocalyptic future, the episode uses flashbacks to hint at the future direction the show may (or may not) go in. The moral implications of the Dollhouse technology are exposed for all to see, as the world has now been split between "actuals" (non-imprinted humans) and dolls who have been imprinted to kill actuals. A group of actuals discover the seemingly abandoned Dollhouse where they encounter a wiped Whiskey (the amazing Amy Acker), who knows where "Safe-Haven" is - a place that is apparently free of both imprinting & tech.

I hope that the show finds an audience in the second season, because some of the stuff that was hinted at - OMFG. Echo being able to fight the imprinting? Boyd leaving the Dollhouse b/c he placed echo in danger and does not wish to place Dr Saunders/Whiskey in the same position (I smell a lurve affair!), the Company that owns the Dollhouse - Rossum Corporation - deciding to sell actives, DeWitt fighting against that, the LA Dollhouse at war with Rossum, the LA Doll's being being given their original personalities back........ I could go on. So many possibilities and twisty-turny directions this show could go in!

Squeeeeee to Season 2. And 3 and 4 and 5...... Come on people, watch this show. So amazing. The writing is stellar - full of pop culture references, and snappy one liners you wish you had thought of yourself! Oh and for any BSG fans out there - Jamie Bamber and Michael Hogan are both confirmed for guest spots early in Season 2. More squeeeeee! I am such a loser. Sigh.

Dollhouse season 1 is available on DVD right now (don't buy it at HMV though as they are assholes) and Season 2 starts September 25th. Watch it friends. Joss needs your help.


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