Monday, August 31, 2009

I Cannot Comprehend The Cuteness!

Alyson Hannigan was spotted out and about in Santa Monica over the weekend with her precious little cherub Stayana. I mean, isn't she just the most adorable? We haven't seen to many shots of her around the interwebs, as Aly and hubby Alexis have been careful to shield her from the photogs. But occasional shots should be encouraged - simply because there are no words for the extreme cuteness.

Look at that face. And those chubby little arms and legs. She melts my cold black heart. She really truly does. So much cuteness! It should be illegal. Okay, gushing over.

Alyson is back at work on the set of How I Met your Mother, which comes back for it's 5th Season on September 21st. I love this show, it is super funny and is finally getting the props it deserves with a best comedy Emmy nomination. Of course it also stars the man who needs to be my gay best friend Neil Patrick Harris.
Not only is NPH hosting the Emmy's, he is also the reason I will be watching American Idol this season - simply to see his guest judging duties. I heart him so much.

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