Monday, July 20, 2009

Chris Brown's Faux-pology

Once upon a time, Chris Brown had it all. An incredibly promising career that drew comparisons to Michael Jackson & Usher, legions of devoted fans, a beautiful & talented girlfriend. In February 2009 Chris Brown beat the crap out of his girlfriend. We all saw the horrific police image showing her injuries. Chris Brown said nothing. He hid behind his lawyers and kept his mouth shut. Days after beating the crap out of his girlfriend, Chris Brown was photographed having a grand time in Florida at Diddy's house. Smiling, laughing, not a care in the world.

In June, Chris Brown and his fancy high priced lawyers struck a deal. Brown pled guilty to a felony for beating the crap out of his girlfriend, but will not serve any jail time. He got community service and probation. He can go on with his life, continuing to perform and make music. And continue to make more money than most of us will ever see in our lives.

In a 2 minute video posted on his You-Tube channel Chris Brown apologised for his actions today. Almost 6 months after beating the crap out of his girlfriend, he finally took responsibility for what happened in February. You know, when he beat the crap out of his girlfriend. Apparently, when he wasn't partying at Diddy's house in Florida, or at Diddy's Annual White Party he has deeply entrenched in soul searching and talking with him mom and his preacher and his spiritual advisers. He wanted to speak publicly about this sooner, but on the advice of his lawyers, he kept his mouth shut until now. Ugh.

Here's what I think. As this whole blog is pretty much about me and what I think, if you hadn't figured that out yet! I think he is sorry. I honestly do. Will he do it again? I don't know. I hope not. The problem(s) I have with this whole thing is this (or these). He wasn't man enough to own up to this earlier. We all knew what he did. F*ck, we all saw the photo. If he was trying to figure out why he behaved that way, what the f*ck was he doing jet skiing mere days after beating the crap out of his girlfriend. Should we appreciate the gesture?

People are saying they thought it sounded forced and that he was reading off cue cards. Did you honestly expect anything else? Of course his PR people, his lawyers and his managers carefully scripted every word that come out off his mouth today. Hell, he has probably been rehearsing it for weeks. This is the first step in an attempt to salvage a career that until he beat the crap out of his girlfriend was going swimmingly. And he will succeed in salvaging his career. Of that I am fairly certain. We humans are fickle and forget pretty quickly what horrible things we do to each other.

I am curious what his next step in Operation Save My Ass will be. A tear filled interview with Oprah? Nah, he should be terrified of Oprah. Maybe Tyra instead. A strategic donation to a battered women's shelter? Some convenient photos of him mentoring troubled youth?

I heard a great story this week about young Chris Brown. Apparently he tried to sit next to Mariah Carey at Diddy's White Party over July 4th Weekend. Word is that she asked him to move along. Love it. At least someone is woman enough to let this boy know that what he did was despicable. It may be a tall tale, but I love it anyways. Mariah Carey has just risen a few rungs on the ladder in my estimation!

I would like to give this boy the benefit of the doubt. I would like to think that he will never lay a hand on a woman again. I really would. Time will tell. His life will go on pretty much unchanged from how it was before he beat the crap out of his girlfriend. People will still buy his albums. He has his whole posse of celebrity friends that will stand by him apparently no matter what he does. His ex-girlfriend on the other hand will never be the same again. What he did to her, what he admitted to doing to her has changed her forever. So many battered women go through this every day. But they do not do it in the public eye. No one would see a photo of me like that on TMZ. This will follow her forever. As it does every woman who has been beaten by a man they love. In spite of all her fame, her money, her privilege, Rhianna is just a girl who had the crap beaten out of her by her boyfriend. And he got away with it.

Justice sux, unless you are rich and famous.


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