Tuesday, July 7, 2009

007 is on Set!

True story: when it was announced back in the 80's that Roger Moore was being replaced as James Bond, I immediately announced to my family that they had to cast Pierce Brosnan. Apparently, my family did not have any pull in the casting of 007, so we got stuck with Timothy Dalton for a few films before the powers that be in the world of Bond realised they should have listened to a young Australian girl. Okay, so that is probably not exactly how it happened, but in my very rich and fulfilling fantasy life, that is how I remember it.

I always had a crush on Pierce Brosnan - do ya'll remember Remington Steele? Loved him so hard in that (although I was like 10, but whatever). And his devotion to his late wife Cassandra during her struggle with Ovarian Cancer made me respect him so much. He was my best and favourite Bond. Sorry, I know the purists love Sean Connery, but for me, it was all about Pierce. However, Daniel Craig and his quiver inducing bathing suite may make me change this opinion. Sigh.

Pierce is playing the father of Robert Pattinson's character in Remember Me. If the script I read is even a little on track, I think he will do a great job in this role. He plays a father who is drowning so much in his own grief and guilt over the death of his son, that he detaches completely from the rest of his family. These are the first images I have seen of him on set. Can't wait for some of Rob & him together!
A few hawt photos of Rob all bloody and bruised for your viewing pleasure as well. I like him like this all scrappy and broken. Maybe I could fix him up? Nurse him back to health. Sigh. I am so pathetic.

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