Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hilary Duff heading to the Upper East Side

Lizzie McGuire is joining the cast of Gossip Girl this fall - one of my fave guilty pleasures. Debuting in October for a multi-episode arc, Hilary will play a movie star who in an attempt to have a normal college experience, ends up room mates with Vanessa (Jessica Szhor). I am expecting some form of dramarama to ensue

Hmmmm. This could be good. But with the whole Georgina Sparks cliffhanger at the end of last season, does Gossip Girl really need another chick in the mix - even if it is only for a few episodes. It would be nice to see some more testosterone on the show - unless it means less screen time for my dirrty man, Ed. Anything that takes away screen time from Mr Chuck Bass is bad.

With Hilary joining the cast the possibility of a Partridge Family style musical extravaganza increases even more. Leighton Meester (Blair) has an album coming out in the fall, Ed Westwick is in a Punk Band called The Dirty Youth and even Little J (Taylor Momsen) is showing her versatility as a performer with her band The Pretty Reckless opening for Aussie group The Veronicas this summer. Below is Leighton's single with Cobra Starship - Good Girls Go Bad. Be warned, this song in amazingly addictive. Not necessarily amazing, but it is super super addictive. Enjoy! I am sure it is not as exciting as her rumoured sex tape. Isn't it convenient that the sex tape came out weeks before this single? Convenient & Interesting.


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