Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's their Age Again?

Last night my good friend Kent and I had planned to go and see The Orphan. To be honest, I had no interest in seeing this flick. Then I heard about the twist. Srsly? Holy Mother of all that is Sacred. This is the twist to end all twists. And Kent had managed to stay spoiler free, which would have made it all the more awesome. But as seems to be the story of my life at the moment, Kent emailed me and asked me if I wanted to go see Blink 182 instead. VIP seats, with backstage access. Screw The Orphan.

Now the show was most definitely not a masterpiece of staging and I don't recall hearing any new songs. And did you ever notice how their catalogue of songs all kinda sound the same? Like Nickelsack, but way less sucky. Depending on your level of cynicism you can see this entire tour as either a blatant and obvious cash grab or 3 old friends getting back together after one of them had a much publicised near death experience (drummer Travis Barker's plane crash last year). I am a cynical bitch, but I am going with option B. Friends reuniting. And regardless, I say f*ck it. It was sooo fun.

It must be noted that the boys of Blink 182 are no longer boys. They are all over 30, married (except for Barker - I think), with children. One would have thought their penis jokes and talk of f*cking your mom or licking your butthole would have stopped after their 30th birthday's. Sadly that was not the case. Led by Tom DeLonge, the dick and fart jokes were loud and proud during the show. And the crowd loved it.

They played every song you wanted them to, chatted with the crowd ( alternating between telling us how awesome we were and how much we f*cking sucked) and Mark Hoppus even proved how much he loved Canada by singing a few bars of "Oh Canada". It was an extremely entertaining, high energy show capped off with Travis Barker being strapped to a platform and wailing on the drums while it was raised high above the stage, spinning around. Wicked cool - apparently a total rip off of Tommy Lee?

Again I am going to harp on the drumming. I don't really get why I am currently obsessed with drummers? But Travis Barker is f*cking awesome. He seems super shy and chill. He had no interest in speaking with the crowd - we got a quiet "hi" out of him after much prodding and cajoling by Hoppus and De Longe. He was there to do his job, and that is what he did. And can I say that he is a sexy little beast? Sigh.

Overall it was a super fun show. We had awesome seats (but my camera sux balls at concerts), and got to wander around backstage after the show. There was a little mix-up regarding our back stage access and it was basically nothing. Thankfully as the tix were freebies, I didn't mind at all. Blink 182 will make a sh*t load on this tour. All those kids that bought their records can now afford their stadium prices and all the little punk posers lap this kind of crap up. I am not sure how long the truce will hold for the band though. I can see them imploding again pretty quickly. Thankfully they all have their own tour buses.
Going to The Orphan tomorrow nite instead. Yay!

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