Monday, July 27, 2009

Meet the Volturi.

A small part of me had hoped that at Comic Con we would get a glimpse of the Volturi in one of the scenes, but I guess the whole Edward-Bella-Jacob triangle is what all the kids wanna see. Thankfully, some intrepid supersleuth of the interwebs has procured this image of the Volturi Leaders - Alec, Marcus and Caius and their Guard - Jane & Alec. If these prove to be real (and considering Summit apparently asked some of the sites to take them down, I am thinking these are the real deal)...... I am totally stoked. I love it. Epic win in my opinion.

The Volturi are a very small, but very important part of the Twilight saga and twi-hard crazy's everywhere have been very very vocal in any and all casting decisions. These images will hopefully pacify them. One thing I can see the crazy's going bat s*it over is the fact that it seems that Dakota Fanning, in the pivotal role of Jane, kept her blonde hair. Oh the horror! Changing the color of a relatively minor character's hair. You have totally ruined the entire series. *stamping foot & running out of the room weeping and wailing*


She will probably be on screen for about 10 minutes at the most. I think they look awesome and from what I have read from the variety of set visits that took place in Vancouver, they are going to kill it as the Vampire Royalty.


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