Monday, July 20, 2009

Music Monday - From My Keyboard to Your I-pod

Two things:

I am going to Bumbershoot B*tches! Yay. I am very excited about this. The Yeah Yeah Yeah's and The Cold War kids were just announced. The one initial gripe I have is regarding the schedule. WTF is up with me having to pick between Brett Dennen's amazing voice and David Cross' making me pee my pants laughing? What is a girl to do? Jason Mraz is on at the same time as well. WTF Bumbershoot people? WTF? Grrrr Argh. Moving on for now.....

Here is my fave Cold War Kids song: Hang Me Out to Dry. They played at The Commodore a few months ago, but no-one wanted to go :(. At least I will get to see them at Bumbershoot! They are awesome.

Another happy piece of news in my musical life is that one of my British Loves is finally venturing across the pond to Vancity. That's right kidlets, Jack Penate will be playing at the Venue formerly known as the Plaza at the end of September. Happy happy happy.

I heard about Jack Penate in a round about sort of way. I was and still am a big fan (huge) of Adele. She was touring with Jack Penate. So I found some of his tunes and a torrid love affair began. Sigh. I love his first album passionately. Just heard the second one, and I am not sure of it yet. I think it will grow on me. Spit at Stars is one of my faves. Enjoy!


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