Friday, July 3, 2009

Brad's Helmet makes women everywhere go Awwww

Brad Pitt was riding around LA on his hog yesterday when he ran into a little engine trouble. The ever present paparazzi were on hand to assist. Rather than call for help and wait with his bike, Brad chose to abandon his bike on the street and hopping in the vehicle of one of the paps that are continually on his tail. I gues he had somewhere very important to be?

Unlike many celebrities in Hollyweird, the Brange seem to have a fairly amicable relationship with the paparazzi. Ostensibly the most photographed family in the world, Brad & Ange appear to have resigned themselves to the fact that their lives and the lives of their children will be documented by the paps whether they want it to be or not.

Gotta say it, Brad looks damn fine in that ensemble. He looks way better to me in his street clothes as opposed to suits and Tux's. Sigh. He clearly doesn't seem to believe in wearing the recommended safety gear while riding around on their motorbikes. And did you see what is written on that helmet? "Daddy's Helmet". How adorable.

I have an overwhelming urge to watch Fightclub now. Brad and Edward Norton. Delish! Sweet dreams

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