Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nobody puts Patrick Swazye in the Corner!

Here are a few photos of Patrick Swayze roaming around LA with his brother last weekend. He looks pretty good considering some recent reports that he had a heart attack. Oh tabloids, will you ever get anything right? He does still look pretty gaunt, but a lot healthier than some earlier photos. Swayze has been battling Pancreatic Cancer since March 2008, and has survived longer than most (under 20% of those diagnosed with this for of cancer are alive after one year).

Sadly, he seems to have not given up his nasty nasty smoking habit. Bad Patrick! You would think that a diagnosis of cancer would make him quit this deadly habit. But I wish him nothing but the best and send good thoughts to him during his battle. Patrick Swayze is a fighter and I hope he is one of the ones to kick Cancer's ass.

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