Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Moon Madness at Comicon

Once upon a time Comicon was reserved for comic book geeks and sci-fi aficionado's. Over the past 10 years or so, attendance for this Convention has gone through the roof, with over 125,000 expected at this years Con. It has expanded to include tons of TV shows and movies, with many savvy film-makers using the Con as an opportunity to hype up their next release. I was planning on going this year, but underestimated the popularity of the event and didn't get my pass in time :(. It sold out months ahead of time.

This year, I am sure that true purists of the con experience are cursing the day Stephanie Meyer was born. Twi-hards have been lined up for over 24 hours to attend the New Moon Panel. This image is from the good folks at RobPattzNews who are tweeting about their experience throughout the day.

Rumour has it all three of the leads will be in attendance. Robert Pattinson will be flying in from NYC, while both Kristen Stewart anf Taylor Lautner will be making the quick jaunt down from Hollyweird. More importantly than their appearance at Comicon of course, is the much talked about reunion of "Robsten". These star crossed lovers have been apart for so long! Gag me with a spoon. Who cares? Well, I guess i do a little, but only because I am a nosy bitch.

Be warned: there will be tons of Comicon posts in the next few days. Cause that is how I roll!


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