Saturday, July 25, 2009

Paris Hilton is an Intelligent Prude?

Okay, so maybe I am paraphrasing just a tad. But she did whine that she is not a dumb slut, that she just plays one on tv.


Paris is currently promoting a documentary about her life, Paris, not France that is set to air on MTV next week. This is apparently very different from the other film about her - One Night In Paris. Clips of which are in the MTV documentary. Paris is not thrilled about this. But, she did not see a copy of a documentary about herself prior to the premier. Because she is smart ya'll.

Here is the deal. Ms Hilton, who is famous for being a dumb slut, with no discernible talents, claims that the Paris Hilton we know and mock is a character that she made up. And that she is not dumb. Or a slut. Yeah, right.
Cause all the smart people I know wouldn't even ask to see a copy of a documentary about themselves before it is screeened. Intelligent people allow their boyfriend/girlfriend to film them having sex. Smart people don't have any actual control over their appearances and allow their "people" to not schedule them to promote a film that they are starring in. Smart people regularly get paid tens of thousands of dollars to promote a club and then don't even show up. Shall I go on? I am sure that Paris' membership into Mensa will be coming through any day.
As to whether she is a slut. Well...... I think her sex tape and long list of guys she has banged speak for themselves.
Cry me a f*cking river Paris. If you walk like a dumb slut who is permanently on a catwalk, talk like a dumb slut who can barely string two sentences together, dress like a dumb slut who is also super trashy, what is the world supposed to think? I am not making any conclusions. I am simply taking a small step. And there the conclusions are. Go away Paris. No one wants to play anymore.

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