Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kristen & Rob - Hard at Work

Not everyone had Canada Day off eh?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were hard at work on opposite sides of the US today on their respective movies - The Runaways and Remember Me respectively.

Kristen & co-star Dakota Fanning looked like they were having fun in LA knocking over garbage cans & jumping on the hoods of cars for their roles as Joan Jett & Cheri Currie in the biopic of the first all girl rock'n'roll band. I am loving the looks for this movie. Can we talk about Dakota's boots for a second? Amazingness. And I do love how Kristen is still in her Chucks (or the 70's equivalent at least). Apparently Tatum O'Neall has joined the cast playing Dakota's mother - she should be quite the authority on teen-angst bullsh*t.

Rob on the other hand showed up on the set bruised and bloody again - an not due to crazy twi-hard fans. I still haven't read the script, but this seems to be quite the heavy role and I hope that he can pull it off. I haven't seen him in anything except Harry Potter and Twilight, so really don't have that much to go on as it relates to his acting chops. But Little Ashes is playing in Vancity at the moment and I may try and go see it. In the meantime enjoy the photos and remember - the cast will be back in my town mid August to begin work on Eclipse. They were left alone for the most part when they were here, so they are probably looking forward to being back here.

The one on the bottom left is from the weekend, but I could not resist the hawtness.
Enjoy the pics of them on set while you can. I don't think the set of Eclipse will be quite as accessible. Lots of night shoots, interiors and deep in the middle of no-where meadows to keep the paps and the twi-hard crazy's away.


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