Friday, July 3, 2009

Lindsay Lohan works harder than you!

Fresh off her birthday week celebrations in Vegas & LA, quotes attributed to Lindsay Lohan are making their way around the interweb.

LiLo reportedly gave an interview to UK's OK! Magazine where she stated "I work harder than most of my friends parents." She went on to say "I'm the hardest working person I know. I'm a workaholic. I don't know what to do when I'm not working. I get creatively frustrated."

Oh honey, the reason you think you work harder than anyone you know is that most of the people you hang out with are privileged twats who don't understand the concept of working for a living. With the exception of Samantha Ronson, who always seems to be working, most if not all of the "friends" you hang out with are enabling douches who are using you for their own agendas.

Lindsay is making it really hard for me to continue to be in her corner with crap like this. I wanna support her. I really do. I want her to show all the haters that her career highlight will not be The Parent Trap. Can't someone do the whole Britney conservatorship thing with her? I guess for that to happen, the enablers would have to NOT be members of her family. If Lindsay gets her sh*t together, the gravy train may stop for Dina. Ugh.

Oh, the above are some images of Lindsay hard at work on Thursday. Huh. My hard day at work doesn't normally consist of 2 hour lunches followed by an extended dinner. Maybe I am doing it wrong?


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