Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emmy Thoughts - WTF? Yawn? About F*cking time!

I was unable to watch the Emmy nominations this morning as I had a lame staff meeting at the crack of dawn. My first thoughts were confusion as the powers that be in Emmy world decided to expand the running to six nominees per category (and 7 for the best drama and comedy categories). I am sure that someone somewhere made mention of this, but I wasn't aware of it.

Where the F*ck was the True Blood love? Critics and ratings darling got none of the major nominations that we all thought it would? Nothing for Golden Globe winner Anna Paquin as the fabulous Sookie? None of the actors got nods. Travesty I say. Ridiculous that it also didn't get a Best Drama nomination. WTF Emmy world? WTF?

Another WTF to nominating Simon Baker? Really? The Mentalist is gonna get an Emmy? I don't think so. Yes, Simon, you are pretty very nice to look at and an Emmy would look real nice alongside your 1993 Best New Talent Logie Award, but come on. What about Keifer Sutherland? Or Matthew Fox? Or Bill Moyer? Silly silly Emmy people.

At least they gave some love to Rose Byrne in Damages (I would like a condition of her winning is to gain about 10 pounds though, cause she was scary skinny this season), and Michale Emerson in Lost. Benjamin Linus is the shit. No ifs, ands or buts.

And karma seems to have come back and bit Katherine Heigel in the ass. Only a year ago she did not submit herself for Emmy consideration because in her paraphrased words, she wasn't given the material to deserve an Emmy (even though she asked for a lighter role due to her movie commitments). This year she had a wild and wacky storyline, full of crying, talking to her dead ex-boyfriend and I'm dying speeches, she even put on one of those ugly bald caps and wore minimal makeup - all for the sake of her art. And......Denied. To that I say - Ha!

Yay to 30 Rock continuing to get the love and recognition it totally deserves. A record setting 22 nominations! And about f*cking time that some of the other actors are getting nods. I don't necessarily think they will win, but nice for someone other than Tina and Alec to be nominated.

Don't get me wrong, I adore and respect Tina Fey. She is fantastical. But I honestly don't think she should win for her acting per se. Writing - big yes in the check column; producing - huge check in the yes column. But acting? As Liz Lemon? Not so much. If you want to recognise her acting - give her the Emmy for Guest Actress in a comedy for her uncanny and spot on Sarah Palin impersonations during the presidential race. For me this year was all about Toni Collette - phe-nom-enal. Absolutely phe-nom-enal. But I would also love to see Sarah Silverman's acceptance speech. That would be a win for everyone!

Californication and David Duchovney were totally robbed of a nomination. they had an awesome second season and totally deserved some recognition. I am over Steve Carrell - same shtick year over year. Getting old. Although I have to say Alec Baldwin again had a killer year. No-one is as good as him. No-one.

I truly hope there is a tie for best supporting actress - comedy. I cannot chose between Kristen Wiig and Amy Poehler from SNL. Both rockstars in my world. For Best supporting Actor - there is only one. My Gay BFF Neil Patrick Harris. I love Jeremy Piven's portrayal of Ari Gold on Entourage. Best performance on the show in my humble little opinion. But I am glad he was snubbed so my Gay Best Friend NPH can finally claim Emmy victory. He better f*cking win. That's all I am saying.

Okay, these are my initial thoughts on an initial glance at the Emmy Nominations today. All the usual suspects were recognised, with a few surprises thrown in to keep us on our toes. I truly believe that the emmy voters think it makes them edgy and cool if they nominate all the edgy and cool shows. Even if maybe the edgy and cool shows don't really deserve it. But then again, where does True Blood fit in to that brilliant theory? That was just a travesty. Or alternatively, I blame the crazy Twi-hards. They ruin everything. Bastards.


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