Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rob with a Guitar

Very quickly, here are some photos of R-Pattz in NYC filming "Remember Me". Completely gratuitous & unnecessary posting, the only reason is because he is holding a guitar. I love this man with a guitar.

You know he can sing right? He had two songs on the Twilight soundtrack. When he was in Vancity filming New Moon in the Spring, my one wish was to randomly run into him performing at some dive bar. There would be no twi-hards around, no batsh*t crazy twi-moms wanting to touch his hair. Our eyes would meet across the crowded room and he would......... okay. I will stop now. Here is a video of him singing at Hollywood's Whiskey A Go Go in October last year. Sadly, I think the chances of me seeing him singing live are slim to none at the moment. Due to the crazy surrounding his life, I don't think he is gonna venture out for open mike nights any time soon. F*cking twi-hard losers ruin everything. Ugh.


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