Sunday, July 12, 2009

WTF? "You're my Best Judge Forever"

Oh Paris, Paris, Paris. You are just so f*cking clueless. On the one hand you ask all of us to take you seriously as a business person, insisting that you are more than just the vapid whore that we have all come to know and mock. Then on the other hand, you claim that you weren't aware that you were supposed to promote a film that you the star of. Come on. I am not in movies and I know that promotion is part of it. And then to try and pass it off on your "handlers" who schedule your time.

You ask us to take you seriously and then you wave at the judge on your way to the witness box, and tell him "You're my best judge forever". I say again, why is this woman famous? What is her contribution to humanity?

Ugh to you Paris. Again, I wish they could just throw the twit in jail.

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