Sunday, July 5, 2009

And they said it wouldn't last!

David Beckham is one fine specimen of a man. The words Hello Salty Goodness often spring to my mind when I see an image of him. He is athletic, covered in tattoo's, quite the natty dresser & he is the one man I can currently handle in a speedo. Sigh.

Becks seems like the perfect man right? The man that we can all fantasise about quite happily. Sadly, when he opens his mouth, images of being thrown on the bed and ravished for hours vanish. The voice. If I hear him speak it totally kills any appeal that I may have for him. It is hard to explain. He sounds a little like one of the Chipmunks, if they were really old. Like a geriatric Chipmunk. It is high pitched, whiny, effeminate even....... and that makes me so sad.

It is like when you see someone who makes you quiver and then they take their hat off and they are completely bald. Not that there is anything wrong with being bald, it is just the baldness doesn't fit the preconceived notion you have in your head of their hawtness. With Becks it is totally the same. Thankfully though he makes his living kicking a ball around an oval and looking hawt with his wife in Armani underwear ads (the above photos) and I do not have to hear him speak. Crisis averted!
Anyways, Posh & Becks celebrated their 10th Anniversary by attempting to relax on the beach in the Seychelles Islands. Unfortunately for them, but happily for us the paps found them and we get the pleasure of seeing him in all his white speedoed glory. I can't get most of the photos so please click on this link and enjoy.


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