Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Runaways cast photo

Okay so they are pap shots, but these are the some of the first photos with the whole band right? And they all have their names written across their chests to make it easier for people like me to figure out who they all are. I have still yet to see a decent show of Scout Taylor-Compton as Lita Ford though. Hopefully they will release an official cast photo soon so the intense scrutiny, comparison and ridicule can begin!

Here is a famous image of The Runaways. Feel free to compare, and ridicule below ;)

I am very very very much looking forward to this film. I like the music of the Runaways and think that their story is so interesting. As this is being executive Produced by Joan Jett, I am confident that it will be true to their story. Whether it is done well remains to be seen!

Kristen (and Dakota?) is scheduled to be at Comicon this week poor thing. I do not envy her this part of the job! Being screamed at for that long would not be a fun thing. Especially when the majority of them are screaming for your costar not you. More power to her for dealing with this.


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