Thursday, July 23, 2009

Katie Holmes Oscar worthy Performance on SYTYCD?

Tonight was the 100th Episode of So You Think You Can Dance. I do not think I can dance. I did Ballet for a year when I was 6, then Jazz for 2 years when I was 12ish. Not very good at either. Something about extreme clumsiness? Or not really having any rhythm. This white girl can't dance.

The much hyped appearance of Katie Holmes on the 100th Episode made me tune in for the first time last night (I thought she was on it last night, cause I am an idiot). As a rule, I don't watch the SYTYCD. While I appreciate the overall concept, I can't sit there and watch and analyse the dancing. I just know what I like. Like the Breast Cancer dance last night. I will admit it. I teared up a little. I am emotionally fragile right now though.

But Katie Holmes performance tonight? What the F*ck was that? Srsly, that was the mind-blowing performance that we have been hearing about for weeks? It wasn't "bad" per se. It just was. Kinda meh. Nothing special, nothing spectacular. And definitely nothing Oscar worthy. You did hear about that fool who was gushing about the performance saying that it was Award Worthy? Pfft. He was probably just trying to either get a role in Tommy boys next movie, or get into his pants.

If that is Oscar Worthy, I would like someone to send me my Golden Globe for my last night of Karaoke. No-one sings Bon Jovi's Always like me! Thanks. I can definitely lip-sync better that Mrs Cruise. Ugh. Just casue she is married to the King of Xenu, people bow down and kiss her ass. I don't dislike her. I liked Joey Potter. And she was in Disturbing Behavior a really bad teen horror movie filmed in Vancity. It was so bad, that it was good! But after all the hype about how astounding this performance was, this was crap.

And Tommy-boy wasn't even their to beam proudly at his employee... sorry wife. I can't even mock his tear filled eyes. Cause he would have been crying. And no Princess Suri either? Hmph. If you force us to sit through that Katie, the least you can do is trot out your adorable robot baby. Cutest robot baby ever.


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