Monday, July 6, 2009

Daniel Radcliffe does Esquire Magazine

The star of the upcoming Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince opens up in the August edition of the magazine about being bullied in school, why he is in ballet class, why he would never hook up with Emma Watson, how the cool kids in school often turn out as losers, and how he doesn't believe in God. I very much enjoy Daniel Radcliffe. He has literally grown up before our eyes and I find his candor and honesty quite refreshing.

I especially love when he says about the teenage cast: "We were all unbelievably horny from about the third film to probably the end of the fifth; then it all settled down." Ha ha ha LMAO! Lots of great places to hide and make out on a set like that I think! All three of the leads (Dan, Rupert Grint & Emma Watson) have repeatedly asserted that they never played who has the biggest wand during filming of any of the movies. I actually believe them. I think that they have a sibling relationship going on as opposed to rampant teenage horniness.

In the interview, Daniel also talks briefly about his religious beliefs, which I am sure has the powers that be in Harry Potter world cringing into their butter beers. Dan calmly declared that he is a "relaxed" atheist, before going on to joke "There we go Dan, that's half of America not going to see the next Harry Potter film on the back of that comment". We shall see if this holds true once the film opens on July 15th. Geesh, I hope not. People still go and see Tom Cruise's movies in spite of his Scientology beliefs (well, not Valkyrie, but War of the Worlds & the Mission Impossible series), and Madonna continues to sell out arenas around the world even though she is the Queen of Kaballah. But those Crazy Christians in middle America may surprise us all! Some of the more extreme groups have already denounced the books as "witchcraft" so Dan's innocuous comments probably won't make a difference to them anyway. It will simply be further fuel for their crazy, hate filled fires.

Daniel also understands that he won't be able to ride on the coat-tails of the Harry Potter franchise forever. While he has done a few side projects over the years (most notably his highly praised stint on Broadway in Equus), most of his resume is wrapped up in this series. Radcliffe acknowledges that his competition for future roles will likely be more well rounded performers straight out of Drama school - actors who have also been learning singing and dancing etc. Therefore Daniel has started taking Ballet lessons to level the playing field. I like this statement. I admire that he is not gonna sit back and wait for the roles to come to him. Yet another example of how level headed and down to earth these kids are.

He could just sit there with his reported 30 million pounds and pick and choose roles that are handed to him. But no, Daniel is apparently going to go out and audition for roles and continue to work on and better his craft. Love him.
Oh, in case you didn't know, Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince opens on July 15th.


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