Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gratuitous Hawt R-Pattz shots

I must confess that I am loving the photos out of NYC with Rob looking all battered and bruised. Maybe it is the desire to nurse him back to health? Tend to his wounds? Blow gently on his...... wounds. Okay, a little off topic. And completely not relevant to this post. Just saying, extreme quiveration.

Anyways, I am shocked that the release of 40 new outtakes from US Weekly didn't cause the interweb to crash. I am not even one of the crazy twihards and I was a little distracted by these photos. I tried to narrow this down to a few pictures, but as I kept looking I couldn't pick only a few. I am sure no-one will mind. He is rather dreamy in this fabulously styled shoot.

I miss River Phoenix. And James Dean.

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