Sunday, July 5, 2009

Best Ever Cautionary Facebook Tale

There are many stories floating around the interweb about why you should be careful about what you post on Facebook, as you never know who could be lurking and looking at all your drunken photos and lewd comments. In fact, during the last Provincial BC election, a few would-be politicians were forced to pull themselves out of the running based on "inappropriate" and "offensive" Facebook photos that were released to the media.

But a recent story out of the UK most definitely takes the cake. Sir John Sawyers is due to take the helm of MI6 (the Secret Intelligence Service) in November. However, his wife posted a vast number of intimate photographs as well as a number of other family details on Facebook. These images provide details on where they live and work, as well as where they vacation and who their friends are. And those friends include well know UK actors and a Holocaust denying historian. Eek! Bad right? Yea, but it's not as if her security settings were set so that virtually anyone could see all this information right? Ummm well, only those who were members of the "London" network had access. Oh, and you don't actuall yhave to be in London to join that Network. Crap!

Not very stealthy of the wife of the man who will be in charge of all of Britain's overseas spying operations. The lesson to be learned from this kiddies: check your fricking security settings on Facebook and make sure that you are okay with the level of access that people have to your info.


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