Thursday, July 23, 2009

F*ck I wish I was at Comicon #1

It sux balls that I am not there. So many many amazing things going on and I am stuck here in Vancity, working. Ugh. Life is very unfair. I honestly don't know where to begin! This will be a twilight free post as that crayzee will get it's own special post.

Johnny fricking Depp showed up. Srsly. He was there to support Tim Burton at the Alice in Wonderland panel. He only popped in for a minute and said a total of 5 words to the stunned crowd! WTF? I could have breathed the same air as him. The trailer that was leaked yesterday was shown again and is again available for us blogging type people to show and share with all of you. Yesterday Disney, in their infinite stupidity decided to pull any and all versions of the trailer. I guess they do not appreciate this "new" medium that is social media. Dumb asses. Moving on....

The moderator loved the clip so much he made them show it 3 times! I am very excited to see Burton's vision of the movie. He said during the panel that he incorporated elements from both of the Alice books (Alice in Wonderland and through the Looking Glass) and he even drew from the poem Jabberwocky. He is still in the editing room and feels that there is a "white rabbit with a stop-watch" timing him. Aww. Poor Tim. We love you, and can't wait to see the finished product.

The next event I am very, very sad I did not get to attend is the panel on Terry Gilliam's much anticipated The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, which was the film that Heath Ledger was shooting when he passed away 18 months ago. His role was completed by friends Jude Law, Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp, who donated their fees for the role to Matilda, Ledgers young daughter. Gilliam and Ledger were very close and it was nice to hear him speak fondly of his friend, dubbing him the "best actor of his generation".

Most interesting about this movie and the panel is that it doesn't yet have a US distributor yet! I suspect that will not be for long. The clips were very well received by the attendees at the panel and I have a feeling that someone will snap this movie up! Clip below. This looks like an intriguing film (in spite of Verne Troyer's appearance in it) and I am looking forward to seeing it when it finally gets released here in North America


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