Thursday, July 16, 2009

Whip it Good Drew!

Back when they were tossing around names to be the director of The Twilight Saga's - Eclipse, one name that was tossed into the running that had people raising their eyebrows and occasionally gasping in horror. That name was Drew Barrymore. Many were furious that an actress could be considered to direct one of their beloved Twilight Saga movies. Most of these who were wailing and gnashing their teeth were probably unaware that Drew's production company - Flower Films - has produced over 10 films since 1995, including both Charlies Angels, Never Been Kissed, Music & Lyrics as well as the cult favourite - Donnie Darko.

Admittedly, Drew's directorial experience was very limited and the task of directing the action heavy Eclipse eventually went to David Slade best known for the gritty Hard Candy and the gory 30 Days of Night.
Barrymore however doesn't seem to be too upset by this news. At least she won't have to deal with the inevitable wrath of the twi-hards who are guaranteed to be upset with any director who dares to veer off the plot of the book for even a second. In addition to starting work on Going the Distance with sometimes boyfriend Justin Long in Brooklyn, she is also putting the final touches on her directorial debut - a movie I can't wait to see - Whip it!
This movie looks amazing. Ellen Page, Roller Derby, Kristen Wiig, Roller Derby, Juliette Lewis and did I mention Roller Derby? Squee!!!! There is Roller Derby in Vancity. I really need to check it out! Whip It! is due to open in October. Until then, enjoy the trailer and Whip it good!

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