Saturday, July 25, 2009

Holy F*ck Balls, I wish I was at Comicon #3

In honour of my 100th Post, it is fitting that I dedicate this to the subject of quite a number of my previous ramblings - and it is not the hawtness of Robert Pattinson. It is the Hawtness of Joss Whedon. Friday's at Comi Con seem to have morphed into Joss appreciation day. Thousands of fans turned up to see Joss and listen to him speak today and the Dollhouse Panel proved as popular as anything Joss related. From what I have gleaned from the interwebs two very exciting things were revealed.

First off both Summer Glau and Alexis Denisof will be appearing in season 2. Buffy and Angel alum Alexis will be appear in multiple episode. Can you say awesome? Yay! No word on who his character is except that he will "cross blades" with Eliza Dushku's Echo. Joss works with people he like, and loves to bring them back into the fold. Kinda like the whole Ridley Scott-Russell Crowe or Tim Burton-Johhny Depp thing. I think most Whedon alumni answer the phone saying "yes Joss, whatever you want". I can't wait to see this next season.

Secondly, they aired the uber-dark & twisty episode 13 - Epitaph. Holy mother of Joss. Far too much to recap in this. Basically, from the review I read, this is akin to the Season 3 finale of BSG - everything you thought you knew - you didn't and nothing will ever be the same. I know that I am going to be at the store on Tuesday to pick up my Season 1 DVD which contains Episode 13 (and the original Pilot). Joss is a mad genius and I worship at his altar. I am such a dork. He even managed to throw in a not so subtle dig at season 2 of Heroes, when they ill advisedly sent Masi Oki's character back to feudal Japan.

No word yet on whether there will be a followup to the Emmy nominated and hi-larious Dr Horribles sing-a-long blog. Apparently the team is talking about it, but nothing has been written yet.

Season 2 of Dollhouse will air on Fox on September 25th (I think, some sites say it is earlier)

My Mantra for Season 2 is a quote from the man himself: "No one can be trusted. Actually, there is one person who can be trusted, but I’m going to kill them."


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