Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince

You know when you see a movie or read a book and you never ever want it to end? Where you wish it could go on forever? Well that is what happened today when I finally saw Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince.

There were a few false starts - we were supposed to go on Friday, which got changed to Saturday. I left someone else with the fun task of getting the tickets and they waited too long and it was sold out. And people wonder why I often prefer going to the movies by myself? The important thing is that I saw it.

A-maz-ing. Fantastical. Pick another superlative and slot it in. Cause that is how good it was. This was not my favourite of the books. Although there were some major plot points (ie Dumbledore being killed and learning about Horcruxes), I always felt that this book was kind of a "filler" - all leading up to the final book. But this movie was so good and was the perfect balance of teenage angst and moving the story forward.

I have the same problems as many have with this film. Why did Harry just stand there when Dumbledore was killed? It doesn't make sense. Harry is a Gryffindor - brave and stalwart and loyal - even if he was told by Dumbledore (& Snape) to do nothing, why would he have listened? It doesn't ring true and I would like to hear an explanation from someone as to why this happened.

Minor things though, that do not diminish the fabulosity of the movie. Alan Rickman is sublime. Noone can enunciate the way that man does. Or sweep out of a room or down a staircase. He is the perfect Severus Snape. I know that a movie like this doesn't garner awards in Hollyweird, but i truly feel that his performance is Award worthy. The same could be said of Jim Broadbent. His portrayal of Professor Slughorn was perfection. And as always, there are no words for Helena Bonham Carter as the maniacal Bellatrix Lestrange.

The younger cast members were dealing with their own issues during the movie, which was just as much about the perils of teen romance as it was about the eternal battle between good and evil. Jessie Cave as Lavender Brown was hysterical. She captured the crazy stalker girlfriend perfectly.

The heart of this story for me though, is and always will be the relationship between Harry, Ron & Hermoine and these three young actors have shown so much growth in the almost 10 years that they have been playing these characters. The camaraderie between them and the clear affection that they have for each other is lovely to watch. For me, Emma Watson in particular is a standout, portraying the confusion, jealousy and forbidden love for Ron with a fantastic realism and honesty.

I loved loved loved the movie. I want to see it again. And probably will at some point in the next few weeks. Loved the quidditch. Loved the teen angst bullsh*t. Loved the battle (or non-battle) between good and evil. Loved the tribute to Dumbledore when he was slain. Loved it all.

Beyond crappy that it is another year until I get to do all this again........ Booooooooooo!!!!!! That sux balls.

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