Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Chuck Bass needs a roomie?

I have a not so secret crush on Ed Westwick who plays the deliciously badass Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. Word on the street is that his BFF Chase Crawford can't handle the messy boy that Ed is and has decided that they should no longer be roomies. Oh sadness! No more late nights, matching mani-pedis and playing with each others hair. What is poor Ed to do. I guess he has his actual girlfriend to console him.

More importantly though, the kids from what I hope continues to be my guilty pleasure - GG are hard at work filming all over NYC. Love the show, love the clothes, love the fact it films in the city regularly, love the dramarama. No sign of the Duffster as of yet. Until then, enjoy these shots of the cast throughout the city. The other thing these pics done is make me pine for the Big Apple. 3 months, my love. I will see you in October.

Leighton's red dress in the first few shots is amazingness. And Blake & Leighton's shoes in these last 2 - fabulosity. Very glad to see Eric Van Der Woodsen (Connor Paolo) on set. I guess that Little J needs someone to hang out with now that all the rest of the crew are out of high school. Squee! Can't wait for Gossip Girl to come back on! September 14th. 9.00pm. Tell your friends.
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