Monday, July 6, 2009

OMG: Jordan Catalano totally smiled at me!

Back the f*ck of bitches, he was so totally looking at me. He is so dreamy and he is in a band and he has the most intense eyes, and a car and he can't read and that is so totally hot....... Oh sorry, I forgot where I was for a second. I thought I was back in 1994 watching one of TV's the best shows ever. Why it was cancelled after only one season I will never understand. Ugh to the viewing public.

Ohh Jared Leto, you were so amazing as Jordan Catalano in My So Called Life. You were so bad for Angela, but we all wanted you to be together 4 eva and eva (x infinity). And then, there was that period of time I would much rather forget. You know where you became all angsty and emo, but not in a good way. Where you were looking like Edward Cullens poorer, less hot and much much dirtier cousin. I really prefer not to think about this time. It makes me very sad and want to pull down the posters I have of you on my imaginary high school locker.

But, praise Jeebus, Jared got a hair cut and is looking super hot again. This is a happy happy day in my world. And I thought it was important to share the happy with anyone around me. Why he is hanging out with Heidi Montag's "boss" - Brent Bolthouse - I really don't know or care. And the match matchy in their outfits is a little nauseating. But flannel is the new outfit d'jour for the boys and girls in Hollyweird apparently.

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