Thursday, July 2, 2009

Word of Wisdom from Speidi

The King & Queen of shameless self-promotion appeared on a radio show hosted by controversial conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. There's a lot of fun and interesting Speidi gems that can be gleaned from this interview, far too many to go into them all in detail. Here are my personal faves.

Microchips: When the possibility of Human Microchip Implants was brought up by Jones, Heidi informed us that it says in the Bible that Microchips were a "mark of the beast" and a sign of devil worshipping. She then went on to state that the chip is the end of humanity. Ummm, I went to Catholic School until I was 18, Church until I was about 15. I do not recall there ever being a sermon or lesson about the dangers of microchips. Maybe the Church that Heidi worships at has a different Bible.

"Why are we so famous?" These words actually came of of Spencer Pratt's mouth. He wondered why they were so famous and no press was given to important issues such as Global Warming and the passing of the Cap & Trade Bill. Psssst Spence, that is because you are the worlds biggest fame whore, who spends every waking moment trying to get more press for yourself and your twit of a wife.

The Hils Being compared to the Government.... with Speidi as....Obama? Okay, so this is a little confusing. The less than stellar relationship that Speidi currently has with the media is Lauren Conrad's fault. As she was the narrator of the Hills she was able to twist things to the disadvantage of Spencer & Heidi. Somehow this is related to the Government manipulating the media and Speidi being the Obama in this scenario. I don't get his logic either, but that is basically what he said.

9/11 was an inside job: Jones is a very vocal proponent of a theory that September 11, was an inside job and Spencer agreed wholeheartedly with him. They spent every waking moment on the interweb researching this for the past month or so. Of course, that is when they were not spouting their holy-roller bullsh*t via Twitter. I tried to follow them both on Twitter, cause they were funny (in the laughing at them sense of funny, not the laughing with them sense of funny). But the endless daily posts about God, quoting scripture and warning us all of Armageddon were too much for me to handle.

Birth Control: Heidi is apparently "very scared" of birth control, believing that it was created by the government. God help us all she is no longer on birth control.

Ummmm yea. I could go on, but I truly believe that reading or writing about them lowers your IQ exponentially. I have yet to decide if I will be watching the new season of The Hills. I think I may be breaking up with The Hills.


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