Friday, July 17, 2009

Robot Chicken for the Win!

Seth Green was on Conan tonight. He is adorable and funny and is one of the genius' behind Robot Chicken. Which was just nominated for an Emmy - thank-you very much. Seth was also on Buffy, and Oz is gonna be in the next episode of the Buffy Season 8 comic..... squeeeeee!!!!! Okay so I know that Oz is not actually Seth, but it looks like him, so I am continuing with the squeeeeeee.

Seeing Seth on Conan talking about Robot Chicken inspired me to track this down. Below is my favourite bit ever from Robot Chicken. It makes me LMFAO every time I see it. Oh yea, I brought out the F*ck in LMAO - it is that good. What could have been if Buffy had continued as a TV show instead of morphing into comic book form. You kinda have to be a fan or a total loser like me to find the funny in this. Best part is that is actually SMG doing the voice over. Love it.


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