Sunday, July 5, 2009

Over 1.5 Million Register For King of Pop Memorial tix

Wowsers, the odds of attending the planned memorial for Michael Jackson at the Staples Center on Tuesday are not looking good. By the time registration closed at 6.00pm on Saturday, over 1.6 million fans had registered for the chance to be one of the lucky 8,750 hoping drawn to win a pair of tickets to the memorial service at the Staples Center (11,000 seats) or the live simulcast at the nearby Nokia Theater, which seats 6,500.

A random draw will apparently be conducted and people will be notified via email starting at 11.00am Eastern (2.00pm Pacific) today. Ticket holders will also be given wrist bands in an effort to dissuade scalpers. Ugh. I know that some will try and take advantage of this and make a buck, but seriously? A memorial service. There is a special place in Hell for people like that. I am totally gonna check out Craig's List this afternoon. And report their sorry asses. Ha.
Organisers are also warning people who do not have tickets to stay away from the area on Tuesday. Apparently the surrounding streets will be totally blocked off and only those with tickets to the Memorial will be allowed in. I will be watching the event from the comfort of my couch. You?

These are the three other covers of Entertainment Weekly's tribute issue to The King of Pop. I think they have done a great job with these images. They are respectful and capture Michael at all the high points of his long career.

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