Monday, July 13, 2009

Music Monday - From My Keyboard to Your I-Pod

This weeks music is inspired by JT & Jessica Biel, with a big heaping of Reese & Jakey-poo on the side. Lots of fun pap shots circulating of these 2 couples (separately, not together) at what I am sure was an amazing concert at Hollywood Bowl over the weekend. Ray La Montagne, with Jenny Lewis.

A-maz-ing. Couldn't you just die happy seeing them at the Hollywood Bowl?

I had a decision to make late last year - Ray LaMontagne or Jason Mraz? Both were playing in Vancity on the same night and I had to pick. It was hard. I was torn. I put it out there to Facebook, and only one response came back. My very good friend Kazza told me that for "simple talent" - Ray La Montagne. Oh that Kazza, she is one smart cookie! I went with talent and OMFG, he is amazing. Not much with the words or the chatting or the audience interaction at all really. But sooo f*cking good. His voice give me shivers. Le Sigh.

Here he is singing "To Love Somebody" with another astonishing talent - Damien Rice. I wish I had been there. It would have been beyond words.

This is Ray solo on the BBC. I love him. He is one of the purest souls in music today. So much crap out there, and then there is Ray. Love him so hard.

And then there is Jenny Lewis. Known equally for her work with Rilo Kiley as her solo projects and collaborations with some of the best in the business, I find her music so interesting and fantastical. I probably first heard about her through this song on Grey's Anatomy, but have since become a fan. This is "Portions for Foxes" - great song.

This one is from her appearance on Spectacle with Elvis Costello - when he did a show on the future of music. The song is "Pretty Bird" and is off her latest album Acid Tongue. So good. Haven';t seen her in concert yet, but think I will need to rememdy that soon.

As I am a loser, I am also attaching a few cute pics of Reese Witherspoon who looks a little trashed. Love it. She is adorable. And friends with Jenny which is awesome.


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