Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Harry Potter Countdown Continues

Only 2 weeks to go until Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince opens. I know, I know, I need to find something else to harp on about. But I can't help it. So looking forward to this movie. Although it is not one of my favourite of the books, I have a feeling it will translate very well onto the big screen. In case you haven't seen it, here is the trailer. The movie open on July 15th. You must go and see it.

Couldn't you just die? Aren't these amazing and wonderful. I love how some of the "minor" characters - such as Draco, Luna, Ginny and even Snape are getting their props in these posters. I kinda wish there was a Neville poster. That would make me do the happy! And the one of Harry & Ginny. Yay! OMFG the waiting for this is so hard. Ugh. I still say that patience is so totally overrated as a virtue.

Emma Watson will be gracing the cover of Elle UK's August edition & again, she looks flawless. In the accompanying article Emma reveals that she will be attending Columbia University in the fall and hopes to "fade into the background" for a while. While she doesn't definitively say nada to continuing her acting career, it seems as though Ms Watson is going to spend the next few years at least focused on having some semblance of a normal life. Kudos to her. Again I say, what is so different in the UK that their childhood stars seem so grounded and normal? I am sure that there are some salacious stories out there, but the three stars of Harry Potter seem to have kept out of the spotlight. It kind of makes me lurve the HP movies even more!

She looks amazing right?
Okay, off to watch Real World Cancun. Horny, slutty beach-clad bimbos and himbos unite!

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