Friday, July 10, 2009

Harry Potter Opens In NYC

Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince premiered in North America last night and many of the stars were on hand for the sixth instalment in this amazing franchise. The cast, including stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, as well as Michael Gambon (Dumbledore), Alan Rickman (Snape), Bonnie Wright (Ginny) and Tom Felton (Draco) took a break from filming the last 2 films in the series to walk the red carpet in New York City.

There has been much made of the darker turn this film has taken, but much of the talk on the red carpet revolved around how awkward it was for the costar to kiss on film. Much anticipated make out scenes between Harry and Ginny as well as the jealousy and eventual lip-lock between Ron and Hermoine were discussed at all ends of the red carpet last night. All four of the young stars commented that they felt like they were kissing a sibling as they had been friends since the first movie had been made in 2001. Eww.

If you weren't aware, I am basically counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until this movie comes out. Although this was not one of my favourites amongst the seven books, I have a strangely good feeling about the movie. I can't wait to see Jim Broadbent as Slughorn and the scenes I have seen with Malfoy look amazing. I have heard that they have made some substantial changes to the book. If it results in more Helena Bonham Carter (which I think it does), I will be okay. She is amazingness.

Emma and Daniel also made appearances on Letterman on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

Emma was grilled about her "wardrobe malfunction" during the London Premiere and her response again shows how classy, mature and poised this girl is. She also talked again about her plans to attend University in the US in the fall. Apparently she is planning on having the complete college experience and will be living on campus, with a roommate. No body guards, or 12 million dollar apartments for her - she will be just a regular college student - hopefully the paps will leave her alone! But could you imagine if her roommate was a rabid HP fan? Or one of those crazy Twi-hards, who hate HP? I wouldn't wish that on anyone, especially Emma Watson!

Daniel was let off a little easier by Letterman, who presented the messy Radcliffe with a Dustbuster as a birthday gift. Letterman used to irritate me with his interviewing style. Now I find it quite clever. And damn funny.

This time next week, I will hopefully have seen the movie and can move onto obsessing about something else!


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