Friday, July 24, 2009

New Moon at Comicon

Okay, so here we go. In case you are on another planet, you may not be aware that the cast of a little film called New Moon were at Comic Con in San Diego yesterday. 2 brand spanking new clips were shown. Apparently everyone was seriously warned not to film them (and any of the clips from any of the panels), but at least one sneaky (and fabulous) fan got off a copy. They are not the best quality (done on a hand-held camera) but they are there. Now some of the mightier than you and I Fan (Twilight Lexicon I am talking to you) sites are bitter about this. Cause apparently this is a reward for them being fortunate enough to be able to attend Comic Con this year. Sorry I had to work and couldn't afford it (& forgot to buy my tix). Ugh to them and the high horse they are sitting on.

The cast started off their whirlwind trip with a press conference. All the press in attendance were warned to keep the questions to the movie. Basically do not ask Rob & Kris if they are f*cking. Someone snuck it in however, and was shut down immediately by both Kristen and the moderator. It was a lot easier to watch online than the Panel that was held later in the afternoon - because of the screaming. Oh the screaming.

The real insanity began during the hour long panel with fans. The director - Chris Weitz, Rob, Kristen, Taylor and Ashley were in attendance. It was Ashley's first Comic con experience and to be honest she seemed a little overwhelmed by the incessant screaming of the fans. She was sweet, but a little overwhelmed. I hadn't realised that the Twilight Saga was her first real job! Lucky girl. Taylor did not annoy me as much as he normally does. He is a cute enough kid, but he is super young to me. And he is far to f*cking nice. Whatever, he spoke well and the fans love him.

To me, Kristen actually seemed a lot more relaxed this year. Still has that nervous shaking energy, which I think is adorable as opposed to arrogant. In spite of what anyone says about her and her attitude towards the roles and her fans, she has an amazing insight into the character of Bella. I think she could rival any of the Twi-hards in her knowledge of Bella and her motivation. She thinks so hard about every response, and then sort of trails off at the end of each answer, seemingly not liking what she has said. She is also quite a funny girl - commenting on how she can't wait to actually be pregnant - a not at all subtle dig at the tabloids that claim she is currently carrying Rob's love child. And when the fans are screaming "love you Taylor" she quietly says, "me to". Love her so hard. She will never be bubbly and perky and Disney. And that is why I love her.

Chris Weitz spoke a lot. I really like him. He is funny and a bit sarcastic, which I like. And the crowd liked. He won everyone over. Saying that he is like his character as he is cold and his skin is like marble and he sparkles in the sun. He he he. He also said that he has seen some of the insane fan fan reaction video's from the Trailer. He was "pleased" by then, and just a little concerned about the intensity of some of the reactions. He wouldn't want to get them mad. Love it. He also said they are toying around with the idea of creating a fan reaction video to the fan reaction videos. I would love to see that.

Rob was his usual self-deprecating Mr Charmy Pants. He is a funny funny man, who talks out of his ass half the time. And then people believe what he says. Dumb f*cks. He has no plans to resurrect his music career as he is a "pussy" - his word not mine. Someone asked him about comedic roles and he said he was not funny. The proceeded to talk about how one leg is shorter than the other which makes him clumsy. Funny right?

Onto the all important clips. 2 quick clips. 2 great clips. Love them both. It makes me happy to see. I am confident that Chris Weitz did not f*ck this up. And Vancity looks sooo pretty. Yay for my city! And for all of you who think those are actually Rob's abs, it is called an airbrush sweethearts, and yes, they did a fabulous job.

When better versions surface I will switch these out. Until then, sorry for the screaming, but enjoy!


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