Saturday, July 25, 2009

F*ck I wish I was at Comic Con #4

This year is the very last year that Lost will have a Panel at Comic Con. I am pouting as I type this. It was Fan Appreciation at the Lost panel as show runners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindeloff put the final 2 pages of the Series Finale in a locked box to be opened on Jimmy Kimmel the night the finale airs. Love these dudes. They really appreciate the fans and it is so evident in watching the panel.

Best news ever: Many characters that we have not seen for a while will be back! Can we get a Charlie in the house please. Srsly. Please. Considering Dominic made a surprise appearance at the panel, he better f*cking show up. It will probably be the Polar Bear though. Balls.

Season 6 will be different from previous seasons. No time travel. No Flash Forward. Less Dharma. More like Season 1 with the running through the jungle. No real hints though. Bastards. As usual, we know very very very little. And from the little nuggets they did give us, there is so much my mind can infer. Did the fact that the word "Clare" was the mystery word that resulted in the only prize being given out mean something huge? And that the prize included the note that Claire attached to the seagull? Is Claire super important to Season 6? WTF? How am I gonna wait until next year.

But, did the timeline change? Was Jack's plan successful? If they succeeded, did the plane never crash? Then why would they be running through the jungle more? The clips below implies that it may be so? But this video may just be a filthy lie designed to keep us all very very confused. Gah. It is working already. My brain hurts.

Jorge Garcia (Hurley) showed up in the audience to ask a question..... apparently he has no idea what is going on either. Love it. Then Michael Emerson (Creepy awesome Ben) showed up to mock Jorge. So fricking cool. Their banter was so good.

We will get a Richard Alpert backstory. BTW I hearted Nestor Carbonell and his entrance. BTW again, he does wear eyeliner. Faraday and Juliet will both be in Season 6. As will Boone. In what capacity we don't know. Apparently Juliet's "survival" will be contingent on whether Jack's plan worked.

I am not going to enjoy the almost 6 month wait until the final season of Lost airs. Balls.

A little off topic: It seems to be a theme of Comic Con to mock Heroes (which they did in both the Dollhouse and Lost Panels) .... The mocking has made me realise something. Something I think I have known for a while, but haven't had the courage to acknowledge to anyone, let alone myself. I think my relationship with Heroes just isn't working anymore. It was good while it lasted, but the past 2 seasons it just hasn't given me what I need and want in a TV show. So, I think I am gonna break up with Heroes. I am sure that Heroes will be okay. They don't need me. Well, they do kinda, but whatever. They suck.

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