Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lilo Is Being Sued

Remember last week when Lindsay Lohan started her birthday week celebration in Vegas by launching her self tanning line Sevin Nyne? Well, the self professed hardest working woman in Hollyweird is being sued by a Florida chemist who claims that Lilo and her partner Lorit Simon stole the formula from her.

Okay I don't get it. Did Lilo actually invent a whole new formula for sunless tanning? Didn't she just add a fun new scent, slap her name on it and pose hard on her birthday? What secret ingredients are there in this sunless tanning lotion? Does it promise to resurrect your career?

And the charges that are being levelled against Lilo. Wowsers! It makes it sound like she stole the cure for cancer or something: breach of contract, civil conspiracy, theft of trade secrets, deceptive & unfair trade practices and intentional interference with contractual relations. Damn.

There has been no response from anyone in Lilo's camp yet. Lindsay is far too busy working harder than anyone you know to respond to this. As these photos clearly indicate.


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