Friday, July 24, 2009

F*ck I wish I was at Comic con #2

Further evidence of why it sux balls that I am not in San Diego right now is the Dexter Panel. Season 4 of Dexter starts in just two months and I was beyond excited to learn that the big bad in this season is John Lithgow - as the Trinity Killer. Mother F*cker. John F*cking Lithgow as a the most prolific serial killer in history. Genius. He will be amazingness. Total amazingness. I cannot wait.

Lithgow appeared at the Panel and revealed that he has yet to film any scenes with his castmates, and that his characters first victim was High Commander Dick Solomon (his character on 3rd Rock from the Sun). He he he. What I loved is that he let it slip that he knows the story arc for the entire season! "I'm the only person on the set who knows what is going to happen in all 12 episodes. I could speak two sentences right now that would make this entire building explode." He is such a f*cking tease. I love him.

My absolute favourite serial killer - Dexter Morgan himself - appears to be struggling a little this season as he adjusts to marriage, fatherhood and his new life in the suburbs. Balancing that with his "dark passenger" is going to provide some dark and funny moments this year. Love how he talks to his newborn son about killing people! I love this show.

The trailer for the Season 4 is below. Dexter premieres September 27th.


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